Driving Records

Want to know yours or someone else's driving history?

How to access New Zealand Driving Records

Your own driving history is easy to obtain for a small fee by ordering a demerit points and suspension report. The alternative is to order a Criminal Record Check, which displays all traffic convictions. This is free of charge but takes weeks longer to be sent.

Can I access another persons driving record?

This can be done in the same manner as obtaining your own record, but all require the person's permission. You may also check on the current status and conditions of a persons licence if you are an employer.

If you are a business you may want to consider looking into Driver Check, especially if your employees drive company vehicles. This allows you to check and keep updated on the status of a drivers licence.

You may also request a criminal record check or a demerit point and suspension history report as a third party. To do so you will need the persons signed authority giving you the right to access such driving records.

Why Check Driving History?

Knowledge is Power. And whilst past digressions aren't always an accurate indicator of future choices, they can provide a valuable insight. Someone with a history of driving under the influence isn't necessarily putting their best foot forward when applying for a job driving a school bus. And should something go wrong after hiring that person, the company may not do so well in the court of public opinion.

Another item to take into account is insurance.

When considering applicants where driving is an essential part of the job, it is wise to consider performing checks on their driving history.

Research Volunteers

Records NZ is an open index of private and public records collections in New Zealand. If you know of any collections that should be listed, please consider becoming a volunteer author, or contact us with the details.