Criminal Records

Access Criminal Conviction History Reports

As information has become more accessible, criminal records checks have become more common place.

Criminal Records in New Zealand

Employment vetting, visa applications and occupational licensing, just a few of the uses for criminal records in today's society. In New Zealand there are a few official sources for such information and only one readily available to the public. The Ministry of Justice provides official criminal records checks and you may apply for these online. Another source, open only to approved agencies, is Police Vetting. This is a service where criminal history checks as well as other information is provided on current and potential employees and volunteers. Approved agencies include those working with children and vulnerable members of society.

Police Clearance Certificates

When it comes to international travel and visa's, a police clearance certificate may be requested by the country in question. New Zealand does not issue these types of certificates. Instead it provides criminal records reports and letters stating where there no convictions recorded. These are provided by the Ministry of Justice. A standard NZ Criminal Record Check should be suitable to meet any requirements of a police certificate.

Research Volunteers

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