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The New Zealand Business Number website provides a business role search. This allows you to search those associated with Incorporated Societies, Limited Partnerships, Sole Traders, Partnerships and Trusts. A basic search can be done by register type, name or number. Advanced options allow you to refine the results by role type and status, business type and status. Role types include general partner, officer, trustee and partner. Results return a person or entities name, role type, appointment date, business name and number, business type and business status. You can select a result to learn more. A long list of details are provided where an organisation has chosen to make them public. This includes business details, contact details, and all partners, officers or trustees. Contact details include a phone number, email address, physical address and postal address. Business details provide the registration date, trading name, customer place, website and status. The option to download all details or have them sent to you in an email is provided.

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