Child Sex Offender Register

Child Sex Offender Register

Information on Offenders in the Community

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The Child Sex Offender Register was established in October 2016.
At this time there is no public access to the register.
The CSO contains a record of all registered child sex offenders living in the community. Offenders stay on the register for a period of 8 years, 15 years, or life depending upon the offence they committed and sentence received. Those on the register are required to update Police with any changes to living details or address within a few days. The Child Sex Offender Register is only accessible by Police and Corrections staff. Information can be released if it is deemed there is a significant threat to a child or children. In these cases relevant people such as parents, schools and care givers may be informed. The CSO is not available to the public, as the Privacy and Official Information Act protects the right to privacy for those convicted of such offences.



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