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Looking for an old school friend, military buddy, or long lost family member?

Find People in New Zealand

In an online world where information is at your fingertips, everything seems like it should be quick and simple. But a people search isn't always easy, nor is it always straight forward. Sure you'll find many people online in minutes, but when the obvious fails, where do you go from there? is here to assist with many resources and tools useful for finding people online. Some you'll know, some you may never have considered. But all are places where you can search by name and find out further information.

The Basics of finding people online

Let's assume for a moment that you haven't yet covered the basics. If not then you'll need to cover those bases first before going any further. Your first points of call should be:

  • Social Media (i.e. Facebook)

  • Search Engines (i.e. Google)

  • Phone Books (i.e. White Pages)

  • Electoral Roll

The basic choices give you the biggest potential for a return. They have the largest databases and cover the most people. If you've never tried a google search for a person, you'd be surprised at how many different types of results there are. From sports pages to Facebook posts, workplace websites to media mentions. People are literally listed everywhere. And often this information can provide a means to contacting the person you are looking for.
Use advanced search features to narrow down your results.

The Next Steps

If you've covered the basics of people search but had no luck, it's time to think a little outside of the box. What do you know about the person? Did they do a law degree at University? Where did their parents live? Are there any other titbits of information you could use to provide you with another means of searching.

In addition to following pathways of topical information, there are a few more open source ones you can try. Court Records, Business Roles and Searches are all options that can prove fruitful.

An easy option is to browse the records below and see if there's any that would be of use to you. Another alternative is to visit a dedicated people search website for New Zealand and view the options available there, including enlisting professional help.

Public Records