Background Check

Conducting a Background Check in New Zealand

Over the past 10 years, background checks have become a standard and accepted part of society. With access to information faster than ever before, employers and other interested parties can vet and screen people with relative ease.

Horses for Courses

There is no one size fits all approach to investigating ones background. Common work related checks will verify driving and occupational licences, a persons right to work in NZ, confirm education and qualifications. These days it is quite common to ask for permission to conduct a criminal records check.

Those performing checks for due diligence purposes may take a different approach. This may include verifying assets, searching civil and criminal proceedings, verifying an address and business interests.

Financial Checks

When considering employees for positions with fiduciary responsibility, checks on finances and assets can provide an insight into how a person handles fiscal responsibility. These can be performed in several different ways including bankruptcy checks, credit checks and civil case checks. A range of asset related records are available for search or purchase online that provide an insight into ones holdings.

Public Records