About Records NZ

The online index of New Zealand records sources

Our Mission

To be the most trusted and efficient means of locating local records sources.

What is Records.NZ

An online index of current and historical records sources relevant to New Zealand.

Locating records can be a difficult and somewhat tedious task at the best of times. For those conducting legal studies, finding people, researching family history, conducting background checks or due diligence, Records.NZ provides a professional index for locating searches and information. Having spent 20 plus years using the internet for research across a range of professional fields, we have taken that knowledge and applied it to Records.nz to assist you with your work and interests.

Indexed records are sorted by the record type and access rather than by place (ie xyz archives) or provider. This is especially important for genealogists and the like that seek out specific data-sets rather than taking a hit and miss approach.

We love to share our research and if you do too we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with any information on additional records that are relevant to New Zealand.